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 July 1 of 2012 I joined the ranks of the unemployed as a retiree of Yamhill Carlton School District in Yamhill, OR where I was the Technology Supervisor for nearly 10 years.  In this position I was responsible (at time of retirement) for over 600 computers throughout the District including all servers and workstations, as well as all networking equipment, IP phones, and peripherals.  I was also responsible for managing Internet and data security, Email, and software throughout the District.  I had over 38 years of experience in the data processing field including 14 years in a mainframe data center environment encompassing jobs from computer operation through operations manager and systems programmer.  I also have 14 years experience as an independent computer consultant offering custom application development services using Microsoft FoxPro, network installation and support services for Novell, Lantastic, and Windows 3.11/95/98/NT/2000/XP/2007, as well as application installation and support services. During this time I also developed and marketed facility support applications for Public Access Cable Television stations.

I attend Grace Baptist Church in Carlton, OR and currently host our weekly sermons on this site.  Click here for the GBC sermon calendar.